Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Vol. I

The Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Gengashuu (“Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection”) are artbooks which reprint the color illustrations drawn by Naoko Takeuchi during each year of the Sailor Moon manga serialization.

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Closing Message from Naoko Takeuchi – Final Page

“The sky and the sea I can see in a sweeping glance from this workroom, and I can watch the beautiful moments of dawn and twilight, dyed with watery pinks, lavenders, and blue-grays. I always think I’d like to try to draw a picture this pretty.

July 20, 1969 was the day man first set foot on the moon. When I look at images of that time–even though the original film is getting old and losing quality, and its colors are washing together–the moon’s surface sometimes appears lavender and blue-gray like those Earth dawns and twilights. I really like these kinds of color tones.

I drew the cover of the Picture Collection with those colors I love. My pictures aren’t elaborate things, and they’re all somewhat alike, and I paint the colors momentarily, so I do have regrets, but… But my works are drawn filled with colors I felt were the most pretty in that instant and my thoughts at that time.

I thank from my heart my editor Irie for listening to my whims, Kana-P on staff for helping with the masking, and my manager Yurika, Saitou-kun, everyone, and Mom and Dad. And the loving Osabu, I dedicate this book to you. Thank you very much for putting your valuable time into making such a wonderful book.

And all my fans who always cheer me on, it’s with your help that I was able to do this book. Sailor Moon is a special work for me, so this picture collection is a special book for me. I hope this book is a special book for you as well. If it is, I’ll be very happy. I give you Sailor Moon Picture Collection I.”

1994.7 Naoko Takeuchi

  • Original art and text © Naoko TAKEUCHI
  • Published October 5, 1994
  • ISBN4-06-324507-1
  • Liner notes translation © 1998 Kurozuki. Used with permission.