Sailor Moon Vol. 1 Goes Back for Second Printing

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (October 14, 2011) – Kodansha USA Publishing is pleased to announce that Sailor Moon volume 1 has sold out in just four weeks, so the company has commissioned a second print run equal to the first, doubling the initial 50,000 copy run and bringing the total to 100,000 copies in print.

Sailor Moon’s return to the U.S. market is a clear success, with the first volume currently holding the number one spot on The New York Times bestseller list for the third week in a row. Reviews of the new editions have been stellar as well, with great reviews coming in from all over.

Source: Anime News Network

I confess that, following an initial spark of excitement and flipping through the first few pages and reading the translation notes, my copies of Sailor Moon and Sailor V are sitting on the coffee table unread. So very pretty, but I can’t see myself actually rereading the whole series at this point. The thought of buying the rest of the series is suddenly very daunting. Wonder how much of the sales numbers is made up of nostalgia-based purchases that may go unread?

5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Vol. 1 Goes Back for Second Printing

  1. Yasmine says:

    I thought the same thing, too, but my mother gave away all my original Sailor Moon manga to my two cousins…so I am rebuying the whole series because I only have two copies left over, and I really do miss reading my SM manga. Especially on quiet, rainy nights alone to myself, or when I’m really depressed. :-)

  2. I’m thinking along the same lines and I’ve actually seen quite a big dip in purchases on Amazon. Also I think some of the dialogue is turning people off. It really doesn’t “flow” as well as it should.

    I also wonder if 2 years of manga is intimidating other people.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    I’m reading mine but I really disliked the treatment Mixx/Tokyopop had given the manga back when they released it. It’s also nice having the special editions, which I never would have taken the time to purchase in their original japanese since I couldn’t understand it :)

    My big hope is that they will release translated versions of the artbooks as well. Even back when Tokyopop was releasing other popular series they were translating the artbooks (mostly CLAMP titles). Del-Ray released the Tsubasa artbook and I believe it sold well. After these record breaking Sailor Moon/Sailor V book sales, I hope they find a way to release the art books in English. I would buy them, no matter the price tag!

    • That’s a brilliant idea! This would definitely be the ideal time to do it.

      I bought the Tokyopop translation for Peach Girl, and was happy with it.

  4. Angel says:

    I loved Sailor Moon when I was a little girl. About four years ago a friend of mine let me watch some episodes at her house but it wasn’t until recently that I fell in absolute love with the series all over again. Now I can’t wait for the third volume to come out in January! I’m in my twenties but you should never stop believing in the power of beauty, love, and justice! <3

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