Kodansha Publishes Sailor Moon and Sailor V “Complete Edition”

In celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, Kodansha is releasing a kanzenban or “complete edition/full version” of the Sailor Moon manga series. The interior artwork has been digitally remastered and reviewed and approved by Naoko Takeuchi. All color pages from the original serialization are included. The complete edition is printed in the A5 size and is larger than any previous release (even the English editions), with high quality binding and partially-holographic covers with new art by Takeuchi.

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How to watch Sailor Moon on Hulu outside the United States

You can access the Sailor Moon episodes streamed online through Hulu from outside the United States using the Hola! browser extension. It works for me here in Canada: I’m currently watching Nana.

Viz will release the franchise digitally with English subtitles starting this summer, followed by the new English dub starting in late 2014. The first four episodes will stream with English subtitles on Viz Media’s NeonAlley.com service and the Hulu service on Monday, May 19, 2014 and two more episodes will then debut every Monday. (via Anime News Network). According to Viz, being available for free is “important to us, because this is such a big title, to have a free option available. Sailor Moon has never been free, legal, and official online here.” (Viz Media’s Charlene Ingram and Josh Lopez on Sailor Moon)

True that! Streaming the episodes online ahead of the home video release is a smart move on Viz’s part as it will generate interest in both the original and new series and hopefully drive sales of the blu-rays and DVDs. No need for fansubbed bootlegs anymore, thank god.

Viz Licences Sailor Moon Crystal and ALL of original Sailor Moon franchise; new English dub in the works

The holy grail of Sailor Moon has just been achieved. I never thought I’d be re-buying the Sailor Moon anime, but it looks like that’s about to change!

Viz Licenses Original Sailor Moon Anime Franchise – All 200 TV episodes, 3 films, & specials unedited with subtitles & new dub

North American anime distributor Viz Media announced after its Anime Central panel on Friday that it licensed the original Sailor Moon magical girl anime franchise. The streaming, digital, and home video licenses include all 200 episodes from the five television series, the three feature films, and the assorted tie-in specials. This will include the first North American release of the final television series, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

Viz is offering the franchise without edits in its original uncropped 4:3 aspect ratio, with the original Japanese names, story elements, and relationships. It is also producing an uncut English dub with a new voice cast.

Viz aims to release the franchise digitally with English subtitles starting this summer, followed by the English dub starting in late 2014. It also plans DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo releases in half-season sets starting this fall.

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